I'm Sylvan Ravinet

Cyber that enables growth and respects humans.


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There are many outstanding cyber experts and advisers out there. However, few can take your audience, small or big, to profound acceleration in these current critical aspects:

  • Seize more growth through a cyber embedded into the business
  • Human-accelerated cybersecurity at scale
  • Proven cyber resilience: prepare for and accelerate business recovery in case of an adverse cyber event

Ex. geek turned turned advisor & influencer

Unlike many cyber colleagues, as a teenager, my foundational book was not the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (“42”). But The Voyage of the Space Beagle.

I believed if I had to save the world, just like Elliott Grosvenor, I would need to combine many disciplines: science (to me, physics), technology (code), psychology (hypnosis), and management (sales).
Hum, did I have a limited approach to these disciplines?

That plan was a long way. And it meant a not so typical career...

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Captain Cyber
Measure cybersecurity and mobilize teams across the enterprise: SaaS & media.
A select group of CISOs and cyber experts who share the best practices for cyber acceleration.

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