November 25, 2020

From countryside kid to cyber advisor

Today to save the world - or accelerate a company - you need to be a superhero. An “organizer” like Barack Obama, to innovate - and fail fast - like Thomas Edison. You must execute as quickly as Google, to provide a Steve Jobs experience and to be as zen as the Dalaï Lama.

By trying hard to be a generalist, I became a cyber expert.

Yes, I got my room wired to the Internet back in 1995, a wave just after the pioneers. Still, that took me many experiments since I started working in 1999 in Finland, the Silicon Valley of Europe back then. After polishing, I develop a unique cyber (security/compliance/resilience/ethics) approach that works, supported by science and data. At last, I could participate in saving my kids from cybercrime and the chaotic side of our digitally enhanced/dependent world.

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